Summertime in Sayulita

Summers in Sayulita can arguably be too hot to bear, but there is also a lot of beauty in summertime in Sayulita. The colors are brighter and almost have this haze to them as though you are in a watercolor painting, magical and dreamy.

The mountains and jungles are full of the most vibrant shades of greens, the sky a crisp blue with heavy dark clouds looming in the distance creating a very dramatic appeal while rainbows shoot across the sky reminding you of the magic of being in a tropical beach town.Girls sunset paddle

While the day is hot the early mornings and evenings are the perfect time to get out and enjoy the scenery and get some exercise. I haven’t seen a more beautiful time to go for a paddle then sunsets in the summertime. The air is soft and filled with moisture and refreshing breezes that kiss your face as you paddle out to watch the sunset spectacular. As the sun starts to drop and the light starts to fade the most brilliant colors reveal themselves as if in a ceremony celebrating the day. Bright blues, pinks, yellows and purples turn into deep dark reds, oranges, fiery pinks and golden yellows. It has an affect as though reality has stilled and you are in that painting or magazine photo where you thought, “Wow! That is so beautiful, I would love to be there!” and you are here watching the ever-changing colors like a kaleidoscope in the sky.

This backdrop is the perfect setting to paddle out as far as you dare chasing the dropping sun, doing some paddle yoga in the bliss of the moment, or just sit in silence and witnessing the awe of nature and all its colors that change with every passing minute. Somehow being out on the water and witnessing this beauty while floating and drifting adds to the dreamy affect. It’s as if you have become a part of the scenery and you are playing a piece in this play of life and you are filled with the colors and flow with the waters and are one with all that surrounds you and are filled with a peace within you. I find moments like these to be worth tolerating the heat of the day just to be a part of this magic at days end.morgan sunset

As night falls and the storm clouds move in the deep rumbles of the thunder draw closer overhead crating a whole new dramatic scene. The deep tone of each rumble vibrates from the darkening night and fills your body from head to toe creating fear, excitement, and chills consuming you with all it’s glory and power. Lightening cries and the rain starts to pour. The creatures singing in the night flee for shelter. The storm rolls on with so much force that you feel like you are surrounded by it, part of it, or on top of the clouds conducting this electric symphony.

The storm comes and goes as you drift off to sleep only to awake to the next days beauty a little greener, brighter and more colorful than the day before from the rain giving new vibrancy to the life all around you.